The shunting locomotive with a hydrogen drive

The shunting locomotive with a hydrogen drive is the result of a modernisation of the SM42. It is the first stage of PESA’s program of implementing hydrogen technologies in rail vehicle drives. The experience gained during the implementation of this project will be the base for the construction of a passenger vehicle with hydrogen drive. Its prototype will be ready in 2025.


Lech Lipiński,

Head of the PESA Hydrogen Projects Team

Shounting works

Designed for:
RCP OrlenKoltrans,

The concept of the technical elements' arrangement


The SM42 6Dn locomotive is a 4-axle shunting locomotive with 4x180kW traction motors. Two hydrogen cells /85 kW/ are responsible for generating energy. It is equipped with an autonomous driving system, enabling the driver to control the vehicle by one person while setting up trains, and an obstacle recognition system (anti-collision). SM42-6Dn is distinguished by its new design, with a key change - the location of the driver's cabin in the middle of the vehicle, thanks to which the locomotive has gained a modern look, and the service is more safe and comfortable to work with.

Hydrogen power system

Basic technical data SM42-6Dn Hydrogen

  • Destination

    Shunting work and light freight depots, emission-free shunting locomotive for intermodal terminals and 'green ports'

  • Max speed.

    90 km/h

  • Axis system


  • Weight

    70 t

  • Wheel set pressure

    < 175 kN

  • Hydrogen cell power

    2x 85 kW

  • Fuel consumption

    < 0.08 kg/kWh

  • DC supply operating voltage

    < 800V

  • Traction motors


  • Number of traction motors


  • Intermediate energy storage

  • LTO battery capacity

    167 kWh

  • Water tanks

    Pressure - Capacity Type III // 350 MPa // 175 kg H2

  • Pressure

    350 MPa

  • Capacity Type III

    175 kg H2

  • Refueling speed

  • time to 120 g/s

    max. 30 min.

  • Radio Control System


  • Anti-collision system