The low-floor tram in 100%

The wheel-set structure is based on two motor bogies. Each wheel is driven by a traction motor. Two levels of bogie springing guarantee a high degree of travelling comfort. The floor which is 100% low allows for a safe journey for the elder and those with reduced mobility making the Jazz a friendly urban vehicle with stunning design.

Marcin Grzyb

Sales Director LRV

Komfort i bezpieczeństwo. 100 % niskiej, płaskiej podłogi, dzięki nowym bezosiowym wózkom jezdnym.

Used by:
Warszawa, Gdańsk.



Safety above the rest

Jazz fulfills the collision resistance norm EN 15227 – one with a vehicle of the same mass, the second one with a cargo car, third one with a truck and the final one with an automobile. Safety of the crew is provided by specially designed zones of controlled pinch points. The same zones also help to avoid damage and deformation of the vehicle in case of a collision.

100% low-floor

Low-floored Jazz has 6 pairs of doors on every site of the vehicle and that allows for a safe flow of passengers. It’s friendly for the crew thanks to the driving console with central computer terminal. Passenger Information system uses LCD screens. This vehicle is also equipped with the anti-collision system that warns the driver from a threat of collision with obstacles located on the track in front of a tram.

Low noise emission

Jazz trams made for Warsaw are equipped with system that enables the recovery of electrical energy during electrodynamic braking, which is collected in supercapacitors, thus lowering operating costs and allowing for bringing energy back to the tram’s drive in case of lack of an energy from a traction. Jazz trams made for Gdansk and those from the 2019 delivery contained a machinist cabin of an increased size in order to accommodate cupholders, a small fridge, a FM radio and a defibrillator.

  • The highest possible safety standards

  • Safety and comfort of traveling for passengers with reduced mobility

  • Wpisujący się w estetykę miasta

  • Optymalizacja użytych materiałów i urządzeń

Primary technical data of the Jazz

  • Number of units


  • Total length

    19 300 - 41 000 mm

  • Width of the vehicle body

    2 300 - 2 650 mm

  • Height

    3 430 - 3 850 mm

  • Number of seats

    from 18 to 55

  • Standing spaces

    from 80 to 190

  • Entry height

    od 300 mm

  • Low floor

    100 %

  • Track gauge

    1 000 - 1 524 mm

  • Maximum speed

    do 80 km/h

  • Traction engine power

    600 - 750 V

  • Lifetime of a vehicle

    do 35 lat

  • Directionality

    Both one and two-directional trams are available

  • Size of wheels new / used

    660 - 580 mm, 680 - 600 mm

Tramwaje / LRV PESA

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