Service and warranty repairs

Longtime experience of PESA (known earlier as ZNTK) in the field of repairs and modernizing, as well as getting most competent employees to our teams transfers to a high-quality service - aftersale care on vehicles.

We're guaranteeing service on the best level

Service provided by the PESA Group is a sum of experience, competencies, and human resources of workshops in Bydgoszcz and Minsk Mazowiecki. Our servicemen are working not only in company’s halls, but they are also quite frequently delegated to supervise the technic state of trains or trams as they’re in use.

That’s what happened after the delivery of rolling stock to Eastern markets (i.e
”Fokstrot” trams for Moscow, or DMUs for Ukraine, Belarus, and Lithuania), that’s also what happened in the case of deliveries’ tranches for Trenitalia and private carriers in Italy. Systematically we are developing different service bases both domestically and internationally. We want to be close to a customer to provide support in the maintenance of our vehicles as fast as possible.

It’s important especially in sales of large numbers of vehicles that are new to buyers – for example, like when after a ”contract of a century” for 186 Swings for Warsaw – service groups transfer their work (and life) for many days or even weeks. In the first phase of the use of vehicles, servicemen not only supervise their technical status but also take part in diagnostics and eventual repairs, they also schooling rolling stock crew employed by carriers.