The low-floor tram

300 vehicles of this type are used to this very day both domestically and internationally. On the one hand it shows it universality and on the other makes Swing construction a one that was tested on many different markets.

Marcin Grzyb

Sales Director LRV

Trams that turned out to be a new quality for Warsaw’s tracks and in 5 different big cities in Poland as well as in another 4 foreign markets.

Used by:

Warszawa, Łódź, Szczecin, Gdańsk, Bydgoszcz,
 Toruń, Kalliningrad,  Szeged, Cluj-Napoca, Sofia



The safety is prioritized

The Swing tram fulfills 4 collision scenarios described in the norm EN15227 – one with a vehicle of the same mass, the second one with a cargo car, third one with a truck and the final one with an automobile. Safety of the crew is provided by specially designed zones of controlled pinch points. The same zones also help to avoid damage and deformation of the vehicle in case of a collision.

A comfortable ride

Low-floor interior of this vehicle connects functionality with space, passenger’s comfort and harmonic color scheme. Thanks to non-compartment build, wide passages, usage of platform for wheelchairs and 100% low-floor the seamless exchange of passengers is possible. Both passengers space and driver’s cabin are air-conditioned.

The high quality

Swing fullfils safety norms PIV/CIV

  • The highest possible safety standards

  • Safety and comfort of traveling for passengers with reduced mobility

  • Wpisujący się w estetykę miasta

Primary technical data of the Swing

  • Number of units


  • Total length

    19 370 - 43 400 mm

  • Width of the vehicle body

    2 300 - 2 650 mm

  • Height

    3 430 - 3 850 mm

  • Number of seats

    from 18 to 70

  • Standing spaces

    from 60 to 290

  • Entry height

    330 - 350 mm

  • Low floor

    100 %

  • Track gauge

    900 - 1 524 mm

  • Maximum speed

    up to 80 km/h

  • Traction engine power

    600 - 750 V

  • Lifetime of a vehicle

    up to 35 lat

  • Directionality

    Both one and two-directional trams are available

  • Size of wheels new / used

    680mm - 600mm

Tramwaje / LRV PESA

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