PESA Bydgoszcz

Lider polskiego rynku produkcji pojazdów szynowych, obecny na torach jedenastu krajów Europy i Azji

PESA is the biggest Polish producer of rolling stock,
vehicles produced by the company are used in 11 countries in Europe and Asia.

It employs nearly 4,000 employees in its plants in Bydgoszcz and Mińsk Mazowiecki, and it cooperates with more than 1,500 companies with the total of several dozen thousand employees. PESA trains and trams run in all Polish regions and most large cities as well as in over a dozen European countries. PESA trams are used, among others, by the inhabitants of Warsaw, Moscow, Kiev or Sofia. Our vehicles carry passengers of e.g. German DB Railways, Italian Trenitalia, Czech Drah or Belarusian Railways. In total, the company has obtained 23 foreign type-approvals so far.


The biggest R&D department in this industry in the Central-Eastern Europe

Who was the first to deliver the first polish low-floor tram? PESA. Or maybe first trams and trains with the possibility of on-line diagnostics? Also PESA. Where was created the first electric locomotive with the additional diesel system? In PESA. And trams with the ability of recovery of electric energy and supercapacitors that allow to unlock „on its own” the busy crossroads in the event of lack of power from the traction? That as well was the polish premiere prepared in PESA Bydgoszcz. The company from the very beginnings bets on their own innovative projects. The Bydgoszcz branch of Research and Development employs almost 300 of polish engineers, designers and constructors. PESA’s answer to the market demands is: innovation, design that brings the new aesthetic quality on tracks and the care for safety, ecology and low operating costs. What definitely helps is PESA’s longtime cooperation with the best universities in our country and networking of engineers with top notch research facilities from around the world.


From design to tests to a ready vehicle - Everything about PESA

Our main headquarters of PESA in Bydgoszcz is almost like „a small town in a big city”, it takes place of 36 hectares that host several construction halls of cumulative surface of 75 thousand square meters. We need to add to that number office and storage spaces. When we get it all together we see that it’s where the production process takes place, from designing in the R&D department, through construction, painting room, production of bogies, final montage ending with rainshower and hall of launches with the test track. Every single part of this process was modernized, every hall is equipped with the newest production and quality control devices, all halls are up to date with the highest safety norms. All employees have access to social spaces, that guarantees them not only safety during work but also comfort during their breaks.

Board Composition

Polish Development Fund

Polish Development Fund is an investment group offering tools that serve the development of companies, local governments and private equities. It invests in sustainable socio-economic progress. Its backbone is a professional team and the best international standards. The mission of PDF as Polish financial development institution is a realization of programs that help the increase of long-term investment and commercial potential of the country and equity in terms of opportunities and protection of the natural environment.

PESA - potential - perspective - progress

We are convinced that the industrial and managerial potential of the company gives a perspective for its long-term development in Poland and on international markets. Our plan is to strengthen PESA position as leader on the domestic market and further improvement of export. In the competitive process we won with foreign bidders, who just like us have sighted the value and potential of PESA. That also confirms that Polish Development Fund is viewed as credible and desirable investment partner.

PESA Group

PESA Mińsk Mazowiecki joint-stock, Mechanic plant, Production and Rehabilitative Process, Production-Service All of those entities alongside the parent company create a so called PESA Effect - a business environment of 1500 subcontractors and suppliers that share an estimated number 90,000 jobs offered to employees.