Electric Multiple Unit made for intraregional and agglomerative transport.

Innovative construction of Elf allows on the expansion of up to 8-unit version of a train.

Elf serves 10 carriers - it’s the same train everywhere but it’s not identical.

Eksploatowany przez: Koleje Śląskie, Szybka Kolej Miejska w Warszawie, PR (Oddział Świętokrzyski), Koleje Mazowieckie, PR (Oddział Warmińsko-Mazurski), PR (Oddział Kujawsko-Pomorski), Przewozy Regionalne.

The same but not in the same way

Used in Świętokrzyskie voivodeship
Used in Warmińsko-Mazurskie voivodeship
Used in Silesian, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, and Greater Poland voivodeships
Fast City Rail (SKM) in Warsaw

4 collision scenarios

The safety of a crew and passengers is provided by an Elf cabin which have been strengthened with steel of the highest possible parameters. Additional aluminum block behind a cabin or so called „honeycomb” absorbs the energy during collisions. Installed absorbers capture the frontal energy and help the train to avoid overlapping the other in the event of a crash. Automated couplers and amortizing sweeper protect people and the vehicle. Construction of this train is tested accordingly to the European standard in the form of 4 collision scenarios – one with a vehicle of the same mass, one with freight car, one with a truck, and one with a passenger vehicle/automobile.

Klatka kabiny maszynisty
Absorbery energii
Honey comb

Multi-purpose vehicle: Inspired by the needs - build with experience and innovation

Modular build of Elf allows for an arrangement of space in accordance to carier’s and passengers needs i.e the train can be more adjusted for kids, bike storage, a bar can be added, as well as vending and ticket machines.

Comfortable and modern train

Customer selected warehouses

  • The highest possible
    security standards

    EN 15227
  • Wi - Fi


Primary technical data of the Elf vehicle family (2 - 8 units)

  • Track gauge

    1 435 mm

  • Total length

    42 650 mm - 140 500 mm

  • Width of the vehicle body

    2 880 mm

  • Height

    4 300 mm

  • Floor height

    760 mm - 800 mm

  • Number of seats

    107 - 415

  • Maximum speed

    160 km/h (opcja 190 km/h)

  • Traction engine power

    1600 kW - 4000 kW

  • Structure strength

    kategoria P - II zgodnie z EN 12663

  • Crashworthiness

    C-1 wg EN 15227

Elektryczne zespoły trakcyjne PESA

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