Electric Multiple Unit of the Intercity class

PesaDART is the first Polish EMU made for PKP Intercity. Its design has prioritized the maximum comfort of a passenger. Our work has been appreciated by the foreign designers who gave the IF Design Award to our team for this project.

Bartosz Piotrowski

Head of the development department

Intraregional Travel

Used by: PKP Intercity



4 collision scenarios

PesaDART cabins have been strengthen with steel of highest possible parameters. Additional aluminum block behind a cabin or so called „honeycomb” absorbs the energy during collisions. Installed absorbers capture the frontal energy and help the train to avoid overlapping the other in the event of a crash. Automated couplers and amortizing sweeper protect people and the vehicle. Construction of this train is tested accordingly to the European standard in the form of 4 collision scenarios – one with a vehicle of the same mass, one with freight car, one with a truck, and one with a passenger vehicle/automobile.

Klatka kabiny maszynisty
Absorbery energii
Honey comb

Modern interiors

The interior of PesaDART is crafted on the highest possible level. Air-conditioned non-compartment trains are equipped with ergonomic seats, and floors of equal height ease up passenger movement during a travel. Passengers are up to date with any important informations thanks to electronic displays and automatic audio system. Travelers have the possibility to use WiFi while on board as well as to use their mobile provider’s network. PesaDART trains suit the needs of people on wheelchairs.

Zobacz film

The highest possible quality

PesaDART vehicles fullfil highest standards of safety, they're functional and produced in a sustainable way.

  • Wi - Fi


  • At least 80% of the materials used are recyclable

Primary technical data of the PesaDART

  • Track gauge

    1 435 mm

  • Total length

    150 230 mm

  • Width of the vehicle body

    2 820 mm

  • Height

    4 300 mm

  • Floor height

    1 220 mm

  • Number of seats


  • Maximum speed

    160km/h (250 km/h)

  • Traction engine power

    2 400 kW

  • Structure strength

    kategoria P - II zgodnie z EN 12663

  • Crashworthiness

    C-1 wg EN 15227

Elektryczne zespoły trakcyjne PESA

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