PESA SWING with passengers in Iasi, Romania. The first trams officially handed over.

The official presentation of the first Swing trams is an important day for the historic capital of Romania. The city is implementing a program of thorough modernisation of public transport. Its key element is to be an extensive tram network with modern vehicles.

” “Iași Municipality keeps its promise to the citizens of Iași to make public transport smart, safe, ecological. I invite all the citizens of Iași to travel as much as possible by tram, and as little as possible by their car, to show that they care about their city, about the quality of the air we breathe. The tram trips will take place in perfect conditions and I thank the Polish manufacturer PESA for the excellent work they have done. The partnership between us will continue!”, said the mayor of Iași, Mihai Chirica.

The first Swings arrived in Iasi in July. After a series of tests and test drives, they will be approved for use with passengers.

“I am glad that the next trams approved for traffic abroad will carry the inhabitants of Iasi, the historic capital of Romania. The Romanian market is very important to us, we want to develop our presence here, and our cooperation so far shows that we can build together public transport that meets European standards. “ – emphasized Krzysztof Zdziarski, President of Pesa Bydgoszcz SA.

The tram that Pesa offered to Iași was designed based on the best solutions of the 122 NaŁ-10 vehicle and was appropriately modified and adapted to the needs of the Romanian customer. Classic and proven in many years of operation, a 5-section vehicle from the Swing family with a length of 30 meters offers the user 100% low floor, it can take up to 240 passengers, including almost 60 seated. The trams are equipped with modern control systems, on-line diagnostics, video monitoring and many other systems facilitating the work of drivers and increasing the comfort of traveling. The local Romanian companies with which Pesa established cooperation also had their share in the production of vehicles.

“- The PESA trams delivered to Iasi from the first test drives gained recognition among drivers thanks to their innovation, quality and reliability. I am also convinced that our residents will appreciate the comfort of traveling with Swings. These trams represent a new quality and standard of our transport … ”- added Cristi Stoica, the head of MPK Iași.

According to the contract, all the trams shall be delivered to Iasi within 22 months from the date of signing. At the moment, there are already 6 of the ordered trams in Iasi.

„-The first Swings arrived in Romania on time, the production of new vehicles is underway, and we want to finish deliveries at the turn of the year, that is before the time specified in the contract. – ” announced Hanna Wiśniewska-Sirbu, Pesa representative on the Romanian market.

Iasi, the capital of the region and the second largest city in Romania, has over 300,000 inhabitants. It is one of the oldest and historically most important cities located at the crossroads of trade routes in this part of Europe. It is a significant university, cultural and technological center. Many global IT companies have their seats and research centers in Iasi, and the number of jobs in this sector is constantly growing and it is estimated that in the coming years it will reach the level of over 30,000 employees. The city consistently focuses on ecological transport, and more than 120 trams carry passengers every day. After modernizing the infrastructure, the authorities decided to purchase modern rolling stock.

Jassy is the seventh foreign city whose inhabitants will travel by trams produced in Bydgoszcz. So far, the company has delivered them to Hungarian Seged, Sofia, Romanian Cluj, Kiev, Moscow and Kaliningrad.

In total, Pesa has delivered over 170 trams abroad and over 600 to Polish cities. At the moment, more vehicles are being produced for Iasi, Toruń and Silesia. Recently, the company signed a contract for the supply of trams for Craiova in Romania, and PESA’s bids were selected as the most advantageous in tenders in Slovakian Kosice and Sofia.