A way walked together. PESA Bydgoszcz S.A becomes a sponsor of the Bydgoszcz volleyball team.

Before a start of the new season of Tauron Ligue 1, during which the team BKS Visła Proline Bydgoszcz aims for the highest possible scores, we got a great news for every fan of men’s volleyball in Bydgoszcz. PESA Bydgoszcz that produce rail vehicles of new generation that are used in multiple Polish and European cities joins the group of sponsors for the team. 

New sponsor was presented during a special press conference. Wojciech Jurkiewicz, the CEO of the club was joined by Robert Tafiłowski vice-president of the management of PESA Bydgoszcz, Ryszard Czarnecki vice-president of the Polish Volleyball Association and Ryszard Ciężki the president of Kujawsko-Pomorskie Volleyball Association.

The participants of the conference underlined that both the volleyball club and PESA have actually quite a lot in common. Both organizations grew in Bydgoszcz and both were able to promote the city as a strong, entrepreneurial and quickly developing.

PESA is a leader among the Polish producers of rolling stock, it is considered a business postcard for both Bydgoszcz the Polish image in Europe. During 20 years the company has produced and delivered almost 1500 rail vehicles to several countries, their trams are used in majority of Polish cities and in few of the European capital cities that is Moscow, Kiev, and Sofia. After spectacular business successes came a more difficult period of time and that’s precisely when Polish Development Fund decided to invest in the company based in Bydgoszcz, the fund is currently the owner of almost 100% of PESA’s stocks. Thanks to the help from PDF and the successful restructuring of PESA the company has returned on the path of dynamic progress, it realizes new strategies, invests in new technologies, completes contracts, and wins tenders. As a leader PESA is a powerful player on both domestic and international market. 

The story of Men’s Volleyball team is strikingly similar which just ten years ago was a powerful player in Plus Ligue (which is the highest division of Men’s volleyball in Poland). The team had incredibly skillful youngsters and experienced older players, it was representing Bydgoszcz in the European championship of Volleyball Challange Cup, where it was only eliminated in semi-finals. After the period of successes the team started its tour bled chapter of history. After the takeover of majority stock capital of Łuczniczka Bydgoszcz S.A by the Bydgoszcz Volleyball association the rebuild process for the team started on the map of Poland. ”I’m very happy that PESA which is a strong brand and a market leader decided to join group of sponsors for the team. PESA showed that a return to business premiere league is possible and I am convinced that with help of the company and that of the other sponsors we’re going to return to highest volleyball division pretty soon” – that’s a commentary from CEO of the club, Wojciech Jurkiewicz. 

Using the sports jargon we can say that PESA knows a taste of a win and a loss, we know how much effort the return to highest division is going to take. We want to support local volleyball players on this way, the decision on sponsoring was also based on the fact that PESA is a part of Bydgoszcz, a part of our city, and just like a joint-company we want to share our success with our citizens – that was added by Robert Tafiłowski a vice-president of PESA Bydgoszcz.

People representing PESA also underlined that shown and accepted possibilities of sport activation of both citizens and direct employees of the company were something that influenced their final decision on sponsoring. A series of initiatives with players and coaches of BKS Visła Proline Bydgoszcz involved is planned to happen, it will be work for a promotion of active lifestyle and spending free time on sport. 

”Another thing that is quite worthwhile is a fact that PESA as a company grew out of Bydgoszcz roots, for the first time in many years it gets involved in sponsoring of sports team on such scale. We hope that our shared history that currently transformed into plans for the future will bond PESA and volleyball players from Bydgoszcz for many years” – that was underlined by Ryszard Czarnecki, vice-president of the Polish Volleyball Association.

The volleyball in Poland as a very popular discipline is a wonderful carrier of promotion and positive emotions. The atmosphere of games brings whole families to sports halls and gives a chance of very attractive way of spending your free time. Sponsoring support of PESA for the volleyball team is a very meaningful next step in the direction of progress of Polish volleyball and achieving the sports goal which is the Bydgoszcz’s club promotion to the highest league division in country.