The Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki visits PESA ”today this company is like a pearl for Bydgoszcz and for Polish economy”

The Prime Minister begin his visit in Kujawsko-Pomorskie voivodeship by taking a meeting in PESA Bydgoszcz workshops. During a presentation of production in the ending montage halls he was able to see vehicles and locomotives produced for such carriers as: Koleje Małopolskie, Lower Silesian Railways and Regio Jet, as well as trams made for Iași, Kiev and Torun.

Minister Łukasz Schreiber, MPs Piotr Król and Łukasz Latos, as well voivode of Kujawsko-Pomorskie Mikołaj Bogdanowicz joined the Prime Minister for a press briefing. During this briefing the Prime Minister focused attention on importance of involvement of Polish Development Fund in PESA and on effects of changes introduced to the company in recent years. 

”Today it’s a pearl of Bydgoszcz, today it’s a pearl of Kujawsko-Pomorskie voivodeship, I can also say today it’s a true diamond of Polish industry… History of PESA is a script ready to be turned into a movie (…) and this script becomes more and more interesting, and with a more probable happy end, I’m very uplifted with the PESA example that shows the great cooperation of managerial team and employees that was able to lead to preservation of value of the Bydgoszcz economy” – said the Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. 

”Polish Development Fund’s decision to invest in PESA opened new opportunities in front of us. We thank you for a chance created by the president of the Fund Mr. Paweł Borys and his team. We used this chance, it was an effort of our whole crew and those who supported us, but today Mr.Prime Minister I can assure that situation in PESA is stable, we are producing, delivering vehicles on time and winning tenders in Poland and Europe” – added CEO of PESA, Krzysztof Zdziarski. 

Currently company is producing trains for Koleje Małopolskie, Lower Silesian Railways, Ceskie Drahy, locomotives for RCP and other clients as well as trams for Kiev, Romanian Iași and Torun, PESA is also modernizing passenger cars for PKP intercity, and have recently won a tender for a delivery of trams to Košice in Slovakia and Craiova in Romania. 

Few weeks ago the company have presented strategy that’s currently in progress 2025+, it assumes going via the way of dynamic progress. New vehicles produced in Bydgoszcz are going to be not only modern, comfortable and safe, but also very friendly to the environment, low-emission and suiting the aims of the so called Green Order. The key element of the offer of our vehicles is the platform Regio160, that contains electric trains as well as diesel ones, and ones that will be powered with the use of hydrogen fuel cells, all of these vehicles are going to be based on one shell-like construction and on a modular build idea. PESA wants to be company that’s ”hydrogen ready” – that’s why since 2 years it’s working on hydrogen fueled vehicles, forms strategic alliances (Orlen, PKP) or technologic partnerships (ABB, Tuv Sud), we’re also involved in government’s Hydrogen Strategy that’s currently prepared by the Ministry of Climate. First hydrogen fueled vehicle produced by PESA that is maneuver locomotive is will be presented in September during TRAKO fair. Our company is also designing a vehicles based on hydrogen fuel cells that will be suitable for boarding passengers, these vehicles are going to be ready for use in about 3-4 years. As a reference to the PesaDART that was standing in the production hall at this moment, the CEO of PESA addressed the plans of building Polish high-speed vehicles:

”Next to us, we can see a PesaDART that is being prepared for service, during tests it reached the speed of 200 km/h and it’s the first Intercity class train of Polish production. We want to use experience gained over its production and some newest technologies in the production of Polish high speeds, that is high-speed rail. I want to confirm to you Mr.Prime Minister that we are ready for a delivery of such vehicles for CPK, thanks to our cooperation with Polish and international partners, for many of us at PESA it’s not only going to be a fulfillment of professional goal, but also making the dreams come true about a build of Polish high-speed train.” – underline Krzysztof Zdziarski.

In the nearest future there’s more challenges for our company, that is fulfillment of deliveries for a first group of cars Combo for IC, locomotives for RCP, transfer of first vehicles to Iași in Romania, showcases and premieres of the first hydrogen locomotive and EMU made for Czech carrier Regio Jet, these machines will be presented during TRAKO fair in Gdansk.