PESA will deliver more vehicles for Českie Drahy!

Českie Drahy have confirmed the order of more vehicles in PESA. The contract signed today, worth over PLN 514 million, is the second order under the framework contract signed on February 26, 2021, which allowsČD to purchase up to 160 multiple units with a total value of PLN 2.5 billion.

Another 33 new multiple units ordered will be used to service regional connections in the Hradec Králové region / part Královéhradecký kraj /. The vehicles are to be delivered to the Czech Republic in 2024-2026.

“We will put modern trains that meet all requirements for comfortable travel of the 21st century to the regions. We will keep the promise as we have committed to in the agreements with the regional self-governments. The new PESA company units will already have the ETCS, European train security control device installed when manufactured; they will offer a spacious interior with 115 seats, air conditioning, barrier free access, Wi-Fi and charging sockets for small electronic devices. The Polish manufacturer will supply us with 66 vehicles in total,“ says Ivan Bednárik, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of ČD.

In total, under the framework agreement in force, ČD have already ordered 66 vehicles from PESA for over PLN 1 billion. The Bydgoszcz-based company will provide the national Czech carrier with new generation diesel vehicles dedicated to regional lines, similar to those operated by ČD Links, known to passengers under the name RegioShark. The vehicles from the first call will operate in the Central Bohemia, Pardubice, South Bohemia, Vysočina and Prague regions.

“We are consistently strengthening our position on the European market by implementing the 2025+ strategy. We have won next order on the demanding Czech market, where the world’s largest producers are present. This order confirms the well-developing cooperation between PESA and Českie Draha. Its base are LINKs provided 6 years ago, support for their maintenance and very good operating indicators. I can assure you that the new vehicles that we will deliver to the ČD will be a technological step forward and will guarantee the passengers of Českie Drahy safe and comfortable travel .”– emphasised Krzysztof Zdziarski, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of PESA.

Brief description of equipment of the diesel multiple units:

  • Modern bright and well-arranged air-conditioned interior with ergonomically designed upholstered seats in the versions for the 1st and 2nd classes;
  • Barrier-free entry with the vehicle floor at the level of modern platforms without necessity of overcoming steps, for passengers in wheelchairs they will be equipped with a platform for bridging the area between the platform and the car floor, an additional telescopic step will facilitate boarding at stops with lower platforms;
  • Modern safe sliding plug doors controlled by buttons, centrally closed and locked already before the train departure, moreover – for blind and partially sighted passengers the front door of the unit will be equipped with a remote control responding to a radio for blind people and also with an acoustic beacon;
  • Spacious barrier-free WC accessible also for people in wheelchairs, with a closed system and equipped with a folding table for changing nappies as well;
  • Electric sockets for power supply of portable electronic appliances of passengers, including USB ports, Wi-Fi, folding or tilting tables according to deployment of seats and 230 V sockets for the recharging of batteries of electric wheelchairs;
  • Sufficiently large areas for placement of baby carriages, bicycles and transport of people in wheelchairs;
  • Modern audio video information system providing information about the train journey and stops to all passengers, including blind, partially sighted or deaf persons, the train set interior will be equipped also with information plates in Braille for blind and partially sighted passengers.

České dráhy already operates two-car diesel units of the series “844” manufactured by PESA Bydgoszcz SA known as RegioShark. Passengers can see them on passenger trains in the Ústí, Liberec, Karlovy Vary, Plzeň, Pardubice and Zlín Regions.

Pesa has so far obtained 23 foreign approvals and has delivered 253 trains and 172 trams to foreign customers. Pesa vehicles are used by rail carriers in Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine, and residents of Moscow, Kiev, Sofia, Romanian Cluj, Hungarian Szeged and Kaliningrad travel by trams. At the moment, the company, apart from the agreement with ČD, produces electric multiple units for the Czech RegioJet, Koleje Dolnośląskie and trams for Jassy in Romania, Sofia, Chorzów and Toruń.​