Contract signed! More PESA trams for Bydgoszcz

PESA has today signed a contract with the Municipal Roads and Public Transport Authority in Bydgoszcz for the supply of 10 trams, with an option for another 36 units. The value of the basic order is PLN 102 million.

Bydgoszcz, from the beginning of the process of replacing the old vehicles with the new ones, relied on PESA trams. There are already 35 of them in the city – two Tramicus 122N, and 33 Swings, which run in many Polish and European cities.

– “Bydgoszcz is not only our city , but  an important client. We are proud that our Swings are a symbol of modern, ecological and comfortable public transport for the inhabitants of Bydgoszcz. We appreciate the plans of the authorities, which focus on zero-emission transport and want to replace all old vehicles with modern rolling stock. Such possibilities are created by the option to this agreement and we are prepared to implement it. “- said Krzysztof Zdziarski, CEO PESA.

The primary order provides the delivery of 10 Swings, including 6 five-unit trams and 4 three-unit trams. These will be a new generation of vehicles, the design of which was based on the best experience gained in the production and operation of trams. All of them will be low-floor, air-conditioned, with the most modern passenger information systems, wi-fi and chargers for mobile devices.

  • “All 10 trams from the primary order will be delivered by the end of November next year. Due to the economic and geopolitical situation, it is a challenge, but the examples of timely deliveries to Tramwaje Śląskie, MZK Toruń or Romanian Jassy have shown that the implemented Strategy 2026+ and the changes introduced in the company bring the expected results. – added Marcin Grzyb, Sales Director of the Tram Market at PESA.

PESA has delivered over 800 trams to several cities in Europe so far. The trams manufactured in Bydgoszcz carry residents of such cities as Warsaw, Wrocław, Gdańsk, Kraków, Toruń, Sofia, Kyiv, Jassy, ​​Cluj and Seged. At the moment, the company is carrying out orders for the delivery of further trams for Sofia, Krajowa in Romania and Wrocław. Recently, it has signed a contract for the supply of 23 trams to the capital of Estonia, Tallinn.