Ceremonial delivery of the train PESA ELF2 for Koleje Małopolskie

On Tuesday 17th of August PESA ELF2 was ceremonially picked up by Koleje Małopolskie. Both marshal Witold Kozłowski and vice marshal Łukasz Smółka participated in the event.

The development of railway infrastructure, and the buy of modern rolling stock that follows it, is particularly important from the perspective of our citizens and visiting tourists. Trains that are modern, fully equipped, functional and fully adjusted for disabled people are up to date with the newest European standards. The journey with these trains is not only pleasant, but also safe and comfortable. Thanks to them we are able to realize more rides on the most popular tracks, but also to start new lines as an answer to needs of citizens of Małopolska – says the marshal Witold Kozłowski.

Handoff of the PESA train occurs in very significant circumstances as 2021 is the European Year of Rail. Just like any investment made by a voivodeship, also the buy of modern rolling stock is an answer of Management of Małopolskie Voivodeship for raising needs of its citizens. It is going to be used in transport of passenger units as a part of high-speed metropolitan railway (SKA) in the area of Małopolskie Voivodeship – says the vice marshal Łukasz Smółka. 

Project includes the delivery of four-unit EMUs in the number of four ELF2 trains, alongside with 5 year service and 7 year warranty and a license for documentation and software that is made for an indefinite period. 

These trains are destined for the carrier Koleje Małopolskie.ltd and were produced by PESA Bydgoszcz joint-stock company.

  • Mr.Marshal – next trains are going to arrive in Cracow in the next week, that means that we are going to end deliveries according to the date that was stated in our agreement. I am convinced that railway passengers from Małopolska that enjoyed Acatus trains so much, are going to be equally satisfied with comfort of travel via ELF2. I am declaring a will of further cooperation with you on this very date as we are fully prepared to do that. In the upcoming future we can deliver you another modern, environmentally friendly from our new platform Regio160. Trains from this platform are EMUs of new generation, with different drives including batteries and hydrogen fuel cells – that was underlined by Krzysztof Zdziarski, CEO of PESA Bydgoszcz joint-stock company.

ELF2 trains are modern, economical and comfortable. They include 200 seats, and are additionally equipped with air-conditioning, WiFi, space for bike storage and series of conveniences for people with reduced mobility (a toilet for disabled people, lift, ramp, and the induction loop (?) for people with hearing dysfunction) and for families with children (baby changing table and step-free  gateways in between units). 

The surveillance system, passenger information and counting of passengers systems as well as punctuality gauge were all installed these trains. The highest speed of ELF2 is 160 km per hour. 

The value of this contract is over 109 million zlotys, European Union’s co-financed this project with the amount 32.5 million zlotys as a part of Operational Program Infrastructure and Environment for years 2014-2020.