PesaDART are eight-articulated electric multiple units (EMU) manufactured for PKP Intercity S.A. with the intention to handle interregional relations in TLK [Your Railway Lines] train categories: Jelenia Góra – Wrocław – Łódź – Warszawa – Białystok/Lublin and Białystok/Lublin – Warszawa – Koluszki – Częstochowa – Katowice– Bielsko Biała. The vehicles thanks to properly selected materials and construction solutions provide comfortable travel conditions lasting up to 8 hours. These single-space trains with two train operator cabins make it possible to drive in both directions. Their construction and fitting provide full travelling comfort at the operational speed of up to 160 km/h with traction voltage of 3kV of direct current. The maximum power absorbed by PesaDART trains does not exceed 4 MW in case of a single unit.

Thanks to assembled devices reinforcing the mobile phone and Internet network (Wi-Fi) signals, passengers have easier access to work and entertainment when travelling. PesaDART are first units providing full comfort to passengers by applying a single floor level. The floor level at the entrance zone to the vehicle mounts to 760 mm over the railhead. The entrance to vehicles from platforms higher than 300 mm is provided by the external extension step and two fixed internal steps. Passengers’ comfort is provided by applying separated vestibules and increased separation of seats as in the Intercity standard. Thanks to ergonomic spaces and relevant fitting, vehicles can be also used by passengers with bicycles or travelling with bulky luggage. The system of electronic external and internal displays gives passengers easy access to information regarding the most important travelling parameters. Vehicles are equipped with a bar and kitchen compartment. The restaurant part has sitting places with tables. PesaDART trains are compliant with the TSI PRM standard, and adjusted to handle passengers travelling in wheelchairs.

Vehicles are fitted in a pneumatic, electrodynamic, recoverable braking system making it possible to return power to the catenary, as well as a magnetic rail brake. The manufacturer applied many pro-ecologic solutions such as LED and diode lighting and a closed vacuum toilet system.

The vehicles provide not only travelling comfort to passengers but also working comfort to the staff. Train driver’s cabin was designed basing on the manufacturer’s long-term experience and drivers’ knowledge. The monitoring system allows to observe and automatically register the view from the entrance door zone and train’s interior. The vehicle has a compartment intended for the crew and express mail transport. Thanks to the assembled system of passenger counting, the user will have to possibility to optimally plan rolling stock routes.

PesaDART has won iF Design Award – one of the world’s most prestigious design awards.