Regio160 Platform

The new Regio160 platform is one of key pillars of company’s strategy PESA 2026+. Regio160 trains mean quality at an affordable price. Standardization will also improve service efficiency and reduce maintenance costs (LCC), and modularity will provide our customers with various types of trains built on one base of refined elements.

Maciej Maciejewski

Wiceprezes Zarządu, Dyrektor Sprzedaży

System modułowy konstrukcji regio 160

The platform offers a complete family of regional and urban multiple units with speeds of up to 160 km/h. Regio160 stands for modularity and standardisation on many levels – it involves unifying the design of all the vehicles, interchangeability of the drives and modular design of the freely configurable interior. The platform includes a wide range of vehicles with various drive systems, from battery and hydrogen ones (BMU and HMU) to hybrid solutions (BEMU, HEMU) and multi-system solutions (3, 15, 25 kV). The modular structure system makes it easy to customise the vehicles and improves the construction, service and replacement of components. The vehicles are offered in various configurations adapted to the customer’s requirements (number of sections or entrances) in a regional standard.

The basic modules of the interior include 1st and 2nd class, large and small toilets (according to PRM TSI), universal space, optionally it is possible to add a children’s space, a staff room or a catering area. As part of the Regio UX (user experience) programme, together with our customers we have analyzed current and planned solutions and numerous studies on passenger needs (e.g. by the Railway Transport Office, a partner of the programme); in the designs we have also taken into account problems resulting from e.g. protection against Covid-type viruses.