We have been manufacturing DMU vehicles since 2001. We deliver them to the Polish and Italian markets and their newest generation was also appreciated by German, Czech, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Kazakh and Russian carriers. In 2012, we signed a prestigious frame agreement with Deutsche Bahn for the delivery of 470 single, two and three-car LINK vehicles. Their delivery will start in 2017. However, already in 2016 PESA deliverd vehicles from Link family to another German operator – NEB. These are the first vehicles delivered for this operator, but most important, the first trains in Polish history that were put into service in Germany as a result of positive approval.Our experience made the highest safety level become a standard for us.

The diesel multiple units offered by PESA Bydgoszcz SA are one of the first vehicles in the world which fulfil the requirements of 4 collision scenarios, guaranteeing the compliance with the most strict safety standards – they are the answer to the demands of the domestic and foreign carriers. Getting to know the needs of the market and even exceeding them by the constructors from the R&D department is confirmed by many other advantages of the vehicles: modern design, next generation environmentally-friendly, economic diesel engine fulfilling the newest requirements in the scope of emission of fumes, use of air cushions, air-conditioning in the passenger compartment and the driver’s cabin, monitoring of the interior and modern information systems. Therefore, apart from safety, aesthetics and care for the environment, comfort is another consequently maintained direction of development. PESA’s DMU are adapted to servicing of passengers in wheelchairs. The vehicles are adapted to platforms with various heights. The structure and drive of the vehicles ensure full comfort of travel, while maintaining very good drive dynamics with speeds from 120 to even 200 km/h. The modern online diagnostics systems allow running real-time tracking of components during operation – thanks to this, the condition of the vehicle can be analysed by the dispatch centre which also has direct access to the vehicle’s internal and external monitoring system.

Depending on the options and the needs of the client, 1 to 4-unit diesel multiple units are constructed with a single-space interior. Thanks to the modular system, it is possible to modify the layout of the interior, select the drive unit and fulfil other expectations of the clients. PESA’s diesel vehicles fulfil the highest standards and are more often chosen by European carriers.

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