A low-floored tram made for Eastern Europe markets.

The thing that distinguishes Fokstrot from the rest of our trams is a modern design of bodywork and the use of composite materials. The tram has been constructed with utilization of a new type of rotational bogies. What adds to this value is a fact that this tram is resistant to difficult conditions of use such as low outside temperatures. That’s why it’s often ordered by demanding customers from Eastern Europe. The number of Fokstrots used in Moscow and Kyiv together forms a sum of 120 vehicles.

Dariusz Skotnicki

Dyrektor Sprzedaży Pojazdów Szynowych
Rynku Wschodniego

Niezawodność w ekstremalnych warunkach

Used by:
 Moskwa, Kijów


Used by: Eastern markets - Moscow and Kyiv

A long lasting construction

Fokstrot fulfills the collision resistance norm EN 15227 – one with a vehicle of the same mass, the second one with a cargo car, third one with a truck and the final one with an automobile. Safety of the crew is provided by specially designed zones of controlled pinch points. The same zones also help to avoid damage and deformation of the vehicle in case of a collision. This tram was constructed in a way to resist difficult conditions of use and especially low temperatures.

A tram for every weather.

Fokstrot is a vehicle for every weather thanks to the system of air-condition and heating in passengers’ part and driver’s cabin, shaded windows and ergonomic seats guarantee comfort and safety. The 100% low floor eases up the process of entry and exit and provides a seamless exchange of passengers, as well as movement on the inside. The retractable platform and wide entrances let people of reduced mobility use our tram as well. Passengers have the option to use WiFi and phone chargers while on board.

The highest quality

a new type of rotational bogies and an asynchronous drive

  • The highest possible safety standards

  • Safety and comfort of traveling for passengers with reduced mobility

  • Wide temperature range

Primary technical data of the Fokstrot

  • Number of units


  • Total length

    26 255 mm

  • Width of the vehicle body

    2 300 - 2 650 mm

  • Height

    3 700 mm

  • Number of seats

    from 56 to 80

  • Standing spaces

    from 124 to 155

  • Entry height

    370 mm

  • Low floor

    100 %

  • Track gauge

    1 000 - 1 524 mm

  • Maximum speed

    up to 75 km/h

  • Traction engine power

    600 - 750 V

  • Lifetime of a vehicle

    up to 35 lat

  • Directionality

    Both one and two-directional trams are available

  • Size of wheels new / used

    630 - 550 mm

  • Temperature range

    - 40˚C + 40˚C

Tramwaje / LRV PESA

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