The multi-voltage and reconfigurable EMU 654 is also offerd in a dual - mode version (AC 25 kV 50Hz and DC 3 kV).

EMU 654, thanks to the ability to work with power supply of various voltages, can be used in multi-system networks, also in cross-border traffic.

Maciej Maciejewski

Vice president of PESA Bydgoszcz

Used by RegioJet.


2 units
Reconfigurable to 3 units

Ready fo any scenario

Safety of the crew and passengers in cabins of EMU 654 is provided by construction strengthened with steel of the highest possible parameters. Additional aluminum block behind a cabin or so called „honeycomb” absorbs the energy during collisions. Installed absorbers capture the frontal energy and help the train to avoid overlapping the other in the event of a crash. Automated couplers and amortizing sweeper protect people and the vehicle. Construction of this train is tested accordingly to the European standard of 4 collision scenarios; one with a vehicle of the same mass, the second one with a cargo car, third one with a truck and the final one with an automobile.

Regional and comfortable.

To increase the comfort of travel and safety of passengers, the EMU 654 is equipped with air conditioning, WiFi, holders for transporting 6 bicycles, 2 places for wheelchairs or larger luggage, monitoring, 2 ticket machines, a children’s corner, and in the entry / exit zone from the vehicle – containers for garbage separation.

Innovative and comfortable train.

  • Highest security increase

  • Safety and comfort for passengers with reduced mobility

  • Wi - Fi

Technical specification (Parameters)

  • Track gauge

    1 435 mm / UIC505-1

  • Axle arrangement


  • Total length

    do 53 000 mm

  • Width of the vehicle body

    do 2820 mm

  • Height

    do 4 280 mm

  • Floor height entrance/exit area

    600 mm

  • Number of doors on side


  • Number of seats; 2nd class / folden

    154 /138/16

  • Maximum speed

    160 km/h

  • TSI 2019 norm


  • ERTMS/ETCS level 2


  • Number of toilets


  • Ticket machines


  • Structure strength

    ČSN EN 12 663, kat. P II

  • Crashworthiness

    ČSN EN 15227, 4 scenariusze

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