The newest tram from PESA Bydgoszcz is not a continuation of the Swing or Jazz, nor is it a competitor to them. It is an important addition to the company’s range. Częstochowa became the first city to appreciate its qualities, and the Twist Step model has now been chosen by Tramwaje Śląskie [Silesian Trams] and is in use in cities including Katowice, Chorzów and Bytom. An expansion of this family are TWIST designed and constructed exclusively for the city of Wroclaw, and “Krakowiak” – the longest tram in Poland delivered to the historical capital of the country.

The low floor makes the tram comfortable and facilitates travel for disabled persons. The 3-unit version has four rotary bogies and 16 wheels, lowering the pressure on the rails. This increases the lifetime of the track, leading to substantial savings.

The floor in the entrance zone at a height of 300 to 350 mm above the top of the rail, as well as a ramp for baby carriages and wheelchairs, help disabled people to use the tram and improve the exchange of passengers. The drive system allows the energy expended during braking to be recovered and returned to the system (optional collection of energy in capacitors for use when starting and accelerating). This lowers the tram’s operating costs. An important advantage of the drive used is the ability to relocate the tram in emergencies using the energy stored in the battery.

Thanks to the effectiveness of the drive systems, PESA’s trams achieve an acceleration which is optimal for the comfort of travel, while the control system enables shortening of the braking distance. Like the Swing and Jazz, the Twist provides online diagnostics to enable monitoring of the condition of the vehicle fleet. Also an event classification system enables the driver to determine independently how to proceed at a given moment.