The bidirectional 5-unit Jazz is a new tram which, thanks to the use of axle-less bogies, has a flat floor without any raised parts. These trams are a development of the SWING family.

The 100% low flat floor makes this vehicle friendly to passengers. The height of the floor measured from the top of the rail is 350 mm, facilitating the use of public transport by elderly and disabled people. Wheelchair users have easier access to the interior thanks to the marked retractable platform at the double-stream doors closest to the driver’s cab.

The tram has 6 doors on each side – 4 two-stream and 2 one-stream – ensuring the fast and smooth exchange of passengers at stops. The passenger compartment includes an efficient air-conditioning system. The passenger information system, apart from the front and side direction boards, includes a set of LCD screens which can additionally broadcast photographs, posters and advertising films. The driver sits in an entirely separated cab, at a control desk with a central computer terminal, making the tram friendly to staff also.

The vehicle is equipped with a microprocessor control and online diagnostics system, covering all of the tram’s circuits and components affecting its operational safety, with real-time recording of events and storage of emergency conditions. The information necessary for correct operation of the vehicle by the driver is displayed in the form of notifications and light signals on the computer terminal in the centre of the control desk.

The wheel-set structure is based on two motor bogies. Each wheel is driven by a traction motor. Two levels of bogie springing guarantee a high degree of travelling comfort. The drive system with microprocessor control enables the recovery of electrical energy during electrodynamic braking, which is collected in supercapacitors, thus lowering operating costs. In the case of loss of voltage in the contact system, the drive system will enable the tram to continue for a certain distance on the power from accumulator batteries, for example, in order to move off an intersection. In addition, for increased safety, the vehicle is equipped with a modern anti-collision system which warns the driver of the danger of collision with obstacles on the track in front of the tram. The vehicle’s control system allows the detection and elimination of skidding during starting and braking. Jazz family trams are also available in unidirectional configurations.

First trams of the JAZZ family have already been delivered by PESA to Warsaw and Gdansk. The technical solutions used are the result of many years of experience from the operation of three past generations of vehicles, as well as the expectations of the carriers operating in those two cities.