The Fokstrot FORWARD low-floor tram was manufactured by PESA Bydgoszcz SA for the city of Moscow. It is a modern, new-generation, 3-unit tram built using the latest technological solutions. It is designed for urban passenger traffic on tracks with a 1524 mm gauge.

The FORWARD is distinguished by the modern appearance of its body and interior, as well as its equipment, which substantially increases the comfort of travel for passengers and the comfort of work for the driver. The low floor throughout the vehicle substantially facilitates boarding and alighting as well as movement within the interior. The retractable ramp and wide entrances facilitate access for wheelchair users. The air-conditioning and heating systems in the passenger compartment and driver’s cab, the on-board monitoring system, the audiovisual passenger information system, the ability to use wireless Internet, LED lighting, ergonomic seats, the ability of the passengers to open the door idependently, and the large, tinted windows, all help ensure the comfort and safety of travel.

Distinctive features of the FORWARD tram include the use of composite materials, a new type of rotary bogie and an asynchronous motor. Using the power supply from the accumulator batteries, it is possible to relocate the vehicle in case of lack of power in the network or on sections outside the network. It is possible to use the online diagnostic system developed by PESA Bydgoszcz SA, enabling monitoring of the condition of the tram fleet and fast reaction in case of any faults.

In 2016 PESA Bydgoszcz SA was awarded the contract for the delivery of 10 trams from the Fokstrot family for Kiev – the capital city of Ukraine.