PESA is the first Polish company to design, construct and deliver modern low-floor trams. The consistent development of new generations of vehicles for public transport, and their increasing diversification, are a consequence of the manufacturer’s listening to the expectations of carriers, as a result of which PESA trams are now in use in most large cities in Poland and in several European capitals. Their advantages, critical for market competitiveness, include innovation, friendliness to passengers, crew and the environment, and the adaptation of almost every detail to the individual needs of the carrier. Our priorities, however, come down to two words: safety and reliability.

PESA trams can be adapted to tracks of diverse quality and gauge, from 900 mm to 1524 mm. Depending on the needs of the operator, we offer 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7-unit vehicles, both unidirectional and bidirectional. Their space gives a sense of comfort and safety. All trams are built from non-combustible or fire-resistant materials, and the effects of collisions are mitigated by a safety frame and an energy absorption zone.

The modular construction of our trams, in terms of their structure, seat layout and equipment, allows vehicles to be adapted to the requirements of the customer. Thanks to this ability, PESA manufactures around 200 trams annually. By customer request, trams can be equipped with information and advertisement systems as well as monitoring. The use of the latest technologies allows the option of monitoring the operation of vehicles en route via online diagnostics. With the use of the latest multimedia devices, it is possible to review and monitor the primary components of the tram as well as the safety systems. The continuous development of this type of diagnostics provides ever increasing possibilities for monitoring the technical condition of vehicles en route.

The underground railway vehicles and further trams being offered for future use to other cities provide confirmation that PESA is not slowing the pace of its expansion. The development of the LRV family is a natural stage in the development of our company. These vehicles benefit from experience in the design, construction and operation of trams and EMUs. Both our vision of the trams of the future, and our own design of a modular platform for the underground railway, will provide a significant alternative for carriers seeking means of transport offering high European standards of quality at a competitive price. For the public, especially those currently using cars, they will provide a strong incentive to use public transport. Safely and reliably.

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