The Gama “family” includes also a multi-system locomotive 111MS which is a normal-gauge electric locomotive with 4 axles – its power is 6400kW. The locomotive is adjusted for supplying with the voltage of: 3kV DC, 1.5 kV DC; 25 KV AC. The structure, technical and exploitation parameters of the locomotive (and its predecessors) meet the requirements of applicable standards PN, ISO, IEC, CEN/CENENEC, UIC leaflets, recommendations ERRI(ORE) and TSI.

The locomotive is dedicated to both Polish carriers operating in the cross-border traffic and the foreign market. The Gama “family” includes also room for the multi-system locomotive designated as 111MS, a normal-gauge, electric four-axle locomotive with a power of 6400 kW. The locomotive in such an arrangement shall be equipped with a modern drive with 2 traction converters cooled with liquid and 4 inverters – one for each traction motor. It shall be equipped with regenerative electrodynamic and resistant brakes. Transferring the tractive force from bogies to the body will be achieved by means of inclined traction links. It is equipped with a regenerative electrodynamic brake and a resistance brake. The transfer of the traction force from the bogies to the car body shall take place by way of diagonal push-pull rods. The locomotive may be dedicated both for freight trains service with the speed of up to 140 km/h as well as passenger trains with the speed of even 200 km/h.