Repair and modernization of passenger cars and railway engines

PESA Bydgoszcz SA has several decades’ worth of experience in repair and modernization of railway vehicles. As a result, today we can offer modernized passenger cars of all types, including double-deckers, as well as engines – both for passenger and freight transport. The rolling stock that underwent such modernization can serve another several dozen years.

We carry out commissions for national and international carriers, customizing the rolling stock to the customer’s individual needs.

Our priorities in repair and modernization works of railway vehicles are safety and a high degree of comfort for the travellers. We are the first Polish manufacturer to introduce air conditioning, sliding plug doors, vacuum toilets, Wi-Fi and modern passenger information system, with the possibility of broadcasting music and films, as standard equipment in all offered passenger cars. A part of the cars was modernized as accessible for persons with reduced mobility, conforming to TSI PRM standards.

We care also for operators, facilitating ongoing maintenance of vehicles via our own online diagnostic system.

Cars leaving PESA Bydgoszcz after modernization and repair works include:
– compartmented and open-spaced cars, first and second class
– bar and dining cars
– sleeping and couchette cars
– special cars

We modernize the existing car bodies, delivered to us old and worn out by many years of heavy use, and release them back on railway tracks completely refurbished, with a brand new interior design and another several dozen years of service ahead of them.

Even longer life, at least another 25 years, awaits locomotive engines modernized by PESA. Although we have been carrying maintenance and repair works of diesel and electric locomotives of all series for many years, modernizations constitute a significant portion of our orders portfolio. Elements which undergo modernization most often are drive systems.

The result of such a process is an extension of the engine life, reduction of maintenance cost by ca. 50%, 15-25% savings in fuel consumption, two-fold reduction of motor oil consumption, increase of the mileage in between repairs, improvement of the vehicle’s reliability and the engine driver’s working conditions. Modern diesel engines and generators installed in modernized locomotives are supplied by the world’s leading manufacturers. It is also worthy of note that in the modernizations carried out in the recent years, as one of the first companies in Europe, we have promoted the concept of multiple gensets.

Thorough modernization does not serve, however, just the owners of the rolling stock, but also their employees, who spend the most time inside these vehicles – the drivers. It is for their comfort and to improve the aesthetic qualities, that we subject the driver’s cabin to a thorough renovation.

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