Making use of our experience of over 160 years and resorting to a still developing potential of the company – the best modern and innovative solutions used in currently produced vehicles – PESA Bydgoszcz SA finished, in 2012, the production of its own locomotive – within the framework of the Gama platform.

In the range of PESA locomotives on offer, the word platform is of greate importance with respect to market expectations. Thus, the Gama platform includes diesel locomotives with the power of 2400 kW and speed of up to 160 km/h, and single electric locomotives (with an additional diesel Marathon system). It is also possible, within the platform, to create a multi-system locomotive powered by voltages of 1.5 kV DC, 3 kV DC or 25 kV AC, with a speed of up to 140 km/h in cargo transport and up to 200 km/h in passenger transport. Depending on the needs, the carrier has the possibility to choose different versions of locomotives, including the option with all types of voltage. A fundamental assumption, when designing the Gama platform, was the repeatability of modules designed as a built-in at different types of locomotives, which makes their operation easier and standardized.

The mission followed consistently by PESA is to provide users with satisfaction through reliability, safety and technical values of the vehicles. It is also connected to caring about the working conditions of people operating a locomotive, which is proved by the ergonomics of the cabin (consulted by PESA with drivers already at the level of designing) and a social area with kitchen facilities and a toilet. The locomotives of the Gama platform are currently used by Polish operator companies such as: PKP Intercity, Koleje Mazowieckie, etc., but the first vehicle from this series was an electric locomotive designated as 111Ed Marathon with additional diesel system. This was acknowledged as the best product exhibited during the International Railway Fair TRAKO 2013 in Gdańsk. The design of this locomotive was awarded with the prize “Good Pattern 2013” in the most prestigious competition of the Institute of Industrial design in Poland. This is exactly what Gama is – the range of many possibilities. The vehicle is a part of the fleet of Lokomotiv, a Polish transport company.

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