Elf (ElectricLowFloor) is an electric, low-floor, comfortable and safe vehicle dedicated in various versions to regional, intraregional and agglomeration carriage. The Elf family can be configured in drafts of 2 to 8 units and coupled in multiple traction. The vehicle platform can be supplied with various voltages – DC 1.5 kV/3 kV and AC 15kV/25kV.

The vehicle’s door is located on the floor, at a height of 760 mm, ensure the servicing of platforms in the range of 300-960mm and, with the use of a retractable step, also lower platforms. The advantage of the Elf’s modular system is the ability to design multi-functional space layouts – among others, for children, for carriage of bicycles, larger luggage, bar space, vending machine systems, ticket machines, etc.

The innovative structure of the Elf family vehicles also allows their expansion with more units up to a maximum of eight.

The Elf 2 (ElectricLowFloor 2) is an electric multiple unit conforming to the newest requirements of TSI 2014. It is adapted for regional, inter-regional and metropolitan area transport. The transport service type determines the interior design and equipment of the vehicle. Elf 2 is characterised by high travel comfort and proven safety solutions. The train can be offered as a combination of two to six units. The ELF 2 platform can be powered by DC 1.5 kV/3 kV and AC 15kV/25kV voltage. The vehicles can attain a top speed of 160 km/h with the ERTMS level 2 system on board.

The door located in the floor area at a level of 760 mm up to 900 mm supports platforms of 300 to 960 mm. The installation of a sliding step is a possible option. For persons with disabilities, elevators and an appropriate toilet room can be installed. The train also has an external door to the driver’s cab, facilitating access and possible evacuation.

The Elf 2 has new passenger information system, WiFi, surveillance or on-line diagnostics and service systems. New components were used that significantly reduce the LCC.

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