ATR 220 is a vehicle operated from 2008 in Italy and later in Poland. ATR 220 Tr – is a modern and improved version of ATR 220. A confirmation for the innovativeness of the development of the “family” of these vehicles within the currently manufactured generation is, among other things, the application of own vehicle control and localisation systems during travel (DOV6) as well as significant reduction of operating costs.

It is a single-space and air conditioned; has a Diesel drive in the “M-T-M” system (M – motor unit, T – trailer unit) and it can run in multiple traction with up to three vehicles. It was designed and constructed for the purpose of passenger service of regional and interregional routes. Its structure and equipment provides great travel comfort with very low impact on the environment. The vehicle is equipped with absorbers taking the energy over during a crash, thus providing increased safety to the passengers and staff.

In its multi-functional zone, the vehicle is adjusted to carriage of disabled persons on wheelchairs as well as passengers with large luggage. The disabled persons are provided with access by means of a manual ramp as well as with a toilet cabin with automatic doors. The structure of the vehicle allows for reliable operation in conditions of hot summer and winter temperatures. DMU is adjusted to support platforms with heights from 300 to 760 mm.

There are currently 41 ATR 220 trains being used in Italy. In December 2013 PESA concluded a contract for 40, with option up to 60, vehicles for the national carrier – Trenitalia, and there have been 19 of its counterparts ordered so far in Poland. In addition to the DMU types specified above, the PESA’s offer includes also 214Mb, 128Mc and 218Md type vehicles offered with ecological IIIB motors with hydrodynamic or hydromechanical transmissions.

The DMU structure provides comfort and safety of travel with operating speed of up to 130 km/h. ATR 220 is equipped with a modern Diesel engines meeting the latest standards of exhaust fumes emission at the IIIB level as well as with a hydrodynamic transmission guaranteeing smooth and highly dynamic ride. The vehicles are characterised with modern design and colour palette, friendly interior equipped, among other things, with comfortable seats, air conditioning, dynamic passenger information system, WiFi and monitoring.

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