PESA is the largest Polish manufacturer of nearly all types of railway vehicles – electric and diesel multiple units, railway engines and tram cars. They all share several distinguishing features: innovation, modern design, the comfort of travelling and servicing, modular structure and unification of many components which facilitate operation, but most of all safety as the top priority both in design and manufacturing of the rolling stock.

They all stem from the PESA mission which assigns the highest importance to satisfying our customers’ expectations, and in everyday operations translates into features that makes PESA stand out against the entire sector: flexibility, listening intently to consumers’ needs and using the enormous experience of the company in an individual approach to obtaining and executing commissions. This is why one of the characteristics – and often competitive advantages – of the PESA offer is the ability to deliver to carriers customized rolling stock, dedicated solely to their needs, yet built as a part of the entire “family” of vehicles – such as Swing and Jazz trams, EMU Elf, or Gama platform locomotives – in various configurations. Hence the recipe for the PESA’s high-ranking position among the big leagues: diversification of products and markets.