A loco you have never seen before... it has two engines: one – the basic one – is electric and the other one is diesel. What for? Why did PESA come up with this idea? Does this make any sense? Operators that have been involved in freight transport for a long time are familiar with the problems encountered when transporting goods to ports or storage facilities that have no electric traction. The usual way of handling this kind of situation is to send the train set to a siding. There a diesel shunter, performing thousands of little operations, will deliver specific wagons to reception points in a port or at storage facilities.

Gama & Maraton - family of locos

Until recently there has been no loco that could deal with the lack of traction upon arriving at its destination. This is what the Maraton system developed by PESA's designers is meant to do. Its name is a reference to the historic marathon and everything it signifies: the enormous distance, but also the willpower necessary to reach the finishing line. The system that has been applied in the new loco family "Gama" is based on a unique solution: an additional diesel engine mounted on an electric loco. PESA has been working hard on the whole range of locos with various parameters. Many aspects of these vehicles, e.g. the driver's cab, have been created after consultations with train drivers, whose ideas were included in the design. And so the Gama family is to meet the expectations of clients interested in modern and innovative solutions that will remain in use for years to come.

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Gama - family of locos

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