PESA Bydgoszcz SA deals with construction, modernisation and repair of the rail rolling stock.
It is a Polish company with over 160-years long tradition and, at the same time, modern, innovative, open to the needs of the market.

The mission of PESA and ambition of all our employees Рoften young, best university graduates Рis to release for use products of high quality, satisfying for the customers and users. We cooperate with the top research and development centres, but our strength is mainly our own highly qualified and experienced personnel. From the design developed in the R&D Department associating more than 250 constructors, to the ready vehicle, tested on internal trial tracks Рall products are fully constructed in PESA Bydgoszcz SA. Our today’s position Рa leader among all Polish manufacturers of rail vehicles Рis a result of diversification of products and markets. The diversity of products manufactured by PESA is expressed in the offer Рfrom trains through Diesel and electric multiple units, to locomotives. In the recent years, the Swing and Twist trains, electric low floor, Diesel Link and Gama locomotive have become the flagship products of our brand. The vehicles manufactured by us are present in all Polish regions, whereas the map of foreign countries provided with our products is increasingly expanded. Following the oldest export markets РUkraine, Lithuania and Belarus, since 2008 the Diesel trains of PESA have been serving the passengers in Italy, and since 2012 Рin Kazakhstan. Having won one of the biggest tenders in Europe for delivery of 186 vehicles for Warsaw, the Swing trains entered Hungary and Romania. The Diesel vehicles are currently built for carriers in Germany, Czech Republic and Russia.

Multiple increase of our production as well as presence on an increasing number of markets in the recent years resulted both from the technological acceleration as well as the quality of the production organisation processes – its highest standards are documented with such prestigious certificates as Q1 and IRIS 02. However, we do not rest on our laurels. PESA remains development oriented and does not slow down in its operations.