The most significant breakthrough took place in 2001 when the construction of the railbus named Partner was commenced. An entire series of further constructions was based on this vehicle. The company changes its business name the same year into: Pojazdy Szynowe PESA Bydgoszcz Spółka Akcyjna Holding. In 2004 Pesa delivered its first broad gauge Diesel railbus from the 5-item series for the Ukraine railways. In the same year PESA manufactured the first EMU EN95 for Warsaw Commuter Railway (WKD). Slightly later the works on EMU ED59 for Łódzkie Voivodship were commenced. In 2005 PESA entered the market of new trams having been awarded the contract in Elbląg. In the same year the contract with PKP PR was concluded for delivery of 11 EMU ED74 which were a development version of ED59. Since 2007 there have been fourteen such vehicles travelling on routes between two biggest Polish cities – Warsaw and Łódź.

The recent history, and concurrently a development of PESA Bydgoszcz SA, has been characterised by creation of new vehicles and expansion of the group of their recipients. Not just in Poland but also abroad. June 2006 brought conclusion of the contract with Ferrovie del Sud Est for delivery of 13 (target number – 27) three-unit DMU for local transport in southern Italy as well as production of trams for four Polish cities – Warsaw, (15), Łódź (10), Elbląg (7) and Bydgoszcz (2). Deliveries of these modern, low floor trams were, however, only an introduction to the greatest event in the history of the company – the winning of biggest European tender for delivery of 186 SWING trams in Warsaw between years 2010-2013. New PESA trams will be also delivered to Gdańsk and Hungarian city Szeged.

In the same period, the Diesel and electric multiple units of PESA were delivered to all regions in Poland as well as to Ukraine and Lithuania. The Diesel multiple unit ATR 220 ATRIBO have become a leading export product – conquering the Italian market. Following the aforementioned conclusion of the contract with Ferronovie del Sud Est, on 17 February 2009 PESA entered into the market of northern Italy signing the contract with Ferronovienord Milano for delivery of two three-unit DMU ATR 220 for operation on the picturesque Brescia-Iseo line. Another Italian region whose railway communication is operated by the vehicles manufactured by our company is Emilia Romana. Near Bologna, on routes operated by the Italian regional railways, there are 8 ATRIBO vehicles running, and their number will soon be increased to 12.

The next latest PESA product introduced on the market is the low-floor electric multiple unit ELF. The family of this vehicle can be configured within the 3 to 8 unit system. The vehicles are intended for passenger transport in agglomeration, regional and inter-regional traffic. In 2009 new contracts were concluded for delivery of electric multiple units for the Company Koleje Mazowieckie and for the Silesian region. In 2010 Małopolskie Voivodship joined the group of vehicle clients.

Following the ATRIBO’s success on the Italian market, the vehicle has also found its clients in Poland. In January 2010 Pesa concluded a contract with the Marshal’s Office of the West Pomeranian Voivodship for delivery of 10 vehicles. PESA continues to expand its production potential. In 2008 it purchased a 60 per cent majority shareholding stake in ZNTK Mińsk Mazowiecki, and subsequently increased it to 85 per cent. ZNTK Mińsk Mazowiecki is a company with great traditions, with 700-person staff, located in central Poland, thus constituting an excellent production and servicing facility for Warsaw and Łódź.