“PESA is still focused on development and maintains its pace.”

Fulfilment of the expectations of users, ensuring the high quality of products – these key phrases of our company’s mission are not only catchphrases. It is the reality, the message for each and every employee who steps through the PESA Bydgoszcz SA gate every day. We execute it at each stage of designing and construction of new vehicles as well as when contacting our client, who then becomes the user of trains, trams or locomotives. When executing this mission, we are thinking about vehic- les serving their owners, driver, maintenance servi- ce employees and, above all, the passengers in the horizon of many years.

This is why we are focused on development when providing the users with the highest quality pro- ducts in order to fulfil their expectations. We co- operate with the leading science and research centres, but most of all, we draw from our own en- gineering ideas and experiences, which are growing with each generation of vehicles. Their designs are developed in the biggest Research & Development Department in our industry in this part of Europe, being the place of work of over 250 engineers. It is important that – at each subsequent manufactu- ring stage until the vehicle is ready-to-use and te- sted on our internal test tracks – all products are developed entirely in PESA Bydgoszcz SA.

Knowing the needs of current and future clients and often even exceeding their expectations let us build our position of a leader among the Polish rol- ling stock manufacturers. Throughout the years, this was achieved also due to the diversification of products and markets, the variety of our offer and the flexibility of our activities. We manufacture elec- tric and diesel trains, locomotives and trams. They are used by passengers in all regions of Poland as well as abroad – from the railway paths of Kaza- khstan, through the trams routes of Moscow and many other cities of middle Europe to the regional connections in the Czech Republic, Germany and Italy. The widening of markets and increase in the manufacturing are not only results of technological development, but also of manufacturing process organisation, which is proven by prestigious certifi- cates – Q1 and IRIS 02, among other – confirming the highest standards applied in PESA. However, we are not satisfied with this and we will not slow down our pace. We are committed to the mission of our company.

Chairman of the Board Pojazdy Szynowe PESA Bydgoszcz SA

Krzysztof Zdziarski

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